Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Just go away and let me sleep, stop crawling back into my mind

You said you wanted out of my life

But now you just torture me all night

Maybe this is retribution for all the pain I caused you

Because I was supposed to always stay beside you

Instead you're somebody I said goodbye to

Now I just contemplate sending words your way

But what the hell would I say?

You left me with nothing but my pride, and I'm not about to throw the only thing I have left away

So do you come back to haunt me in case I find some peace in my life?

You'll remind me that I left you behind

And I'll never know sleep until I make things right?

Or maybe you're just a projection of the darkest parts of my mind

That won't let me forget my loneliness

And makes me see your face every time I long to feel your fingers intertwine with mine

You won't let me sleep but I'd rather face nightmares than this cruel reality

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